What and Where to Eat in Amsterdam

November 28, 2014

I didn’t have a list of food in mind to try when I went to Amsterdam (except the stroopwafel, of course). All the food I had was delicious. I’ve compiled a list of what I did eat, and highly recommend anyone going to Amsterdam to try these. 

1. Stroopwafel

Two thin, doughy (flour, eggs, milk, etc) wafers, stuck together with a syrupy honey. You have a choice of getting chocolate on top. Regardless, it’s smothered with brown sugar and butter. Yum. The stroopwafel has been around for quite a while; it’s said to have originated during either the 18th or 19th century. I got the stroopwafel at Albert Cuypstraat Market at one of the stands.


2.Vlaamse Frites

French fries, covered in ketchup and mayo, inside of a paper cone. Often times you can add more toppings to them, of different varieties. We added chili, onion, and curry sauce. These fries are everywhere throughout Amsterdam, in every shop. You must try these, they are the best fries I ever had! Wait before diving in, though, they are fresh and extremely hot. I got these fries at Albert Cuypstraat Market, minutes after I ate the stroopwafel.


3. Dutch Split Pea Soup

We stopped inside a small restaurant with a sign outside that said Dutch Split Pea Soup. Of course I had to try it! It’s a thick soup, filled with sausage and comes with a side of bread. This is a traditional soup that the Dutch eat throughout the winter, and is definitely a must-try.


4. Bread and Dutch Cheese

Imagine this: aged Gouda Cheese and fresh baked bread, still warm and doughy from the oven. It is self-explanatory as to why cheese and bread in The Netherlands is delicious, and why it’s a necessity to try.


Wine, cheese, and bread on the Eurail to Paris

5. Bagels and Beans

There are a few of these throughout Amsterdam. They sell a wide variety of bagels with all different toppings, and different smoothies and coffee. We got a teryaki bagel with wasabi sauce and salmon, and another bagel with goat cheese, bacon, and nuts (it sounds strange but it was so good).




6. Wok to Walk

This is a very popular Asian restaurant in Amsterdam. I got beef egg noodles. It’s like an Asian Chipotle, you walk in, pick your meet, your noodles, your toppings, etc. There are also a few of them in Manhattan (I wonder where it started first!). 


Does anyone else have any other suggestions of what/where to eat in Amsterdam?


  1. Comment by Timothy Price

    Timothy Price November 28, 2014 at 3:46 pm

    Interesting spread of foods.

    • Comment by monvar117@gmail.com

      monvar117@gmail.com November 29, 2014 at 5:57 pm

      I agree, there are lot of choices!

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