From Groovy to Swanky: Top 7 Clubs in Copenhagen

February 16, 2015

Beer, beer, and more beer. Shots, shots, and more shots. To party in Copenhagen, you need to be tough. The bars stay open past sunrise and you may find yourself dragging your feet home as the initial early birds bike to work, dodging around you because you’re accidentally walking in the bike lane.

The clubs in Copenhagen are filled with happy Danes drinking beer by the barrel and dancing strangely to heavy, deep, bass beats. You’ll find yourself dancing on tables, shouting SKÅL! with strangers more than you’ll say hi, and moving your arms and legs around in ways you didn’t think possible. But hey- it’s all in good fun, I promise. Here are the top seven clubs in Copenhagen, ranging from pricey and exclusive to free and funky.

1. Molly

This club is exclusive and a bit pricey. You have to email them your information and the date you’re thinking of spending your night in the club, and they’ll let you know if you made it on the guest list or not. But once you’re in the club, it’s completely worth it. People are in some sort of chic outfit, and most probably wearing black. Bottles are flying everywhere, helping you forget about the $40 you just blew on the cover charge at the door.

2. Rust

Another expensive club, Rust hosts a lot of concerts throughout the year. I had the pleasure of seeing Adventure Club one of my first nights in Copenhagen here. Get to Rust early if you’re seeing a concert, their line usually wraps around the door. Once your inside, there’s the stage on one side and a bar on the other. Depending on who’s playing, it can be very easy to make your way to the front of the stage.

3. Culture Box

This club is cheaper than Rust and Molly and one of the stranger ones I’ve been to. The first floor is reminiscent of a cellar: cement walls, tiny dance floor, and intense techno and electro beats. Bright, neon lights flash back and forth as the music vibrates your entire body, forcing even the most stiff person to dance. It’s awesome. Watch their Youtube video here. And then go.


4. Kulør Bar

This club is full of Americans, but holds a special Tuesday night place in my heart. Whenever the song Animals comes on, I can’t help myself but miss the unlimited piss beer, people dancing on and then falling out of the cages, and soaked boot syndrome (whenever I left the bar my shoes were full of beer that people spilled on me). This is your typical club, with EDM music and raging lights flashing back and forth. But did I mention there’s unlimited beer until 1 am, included in your $12 cover charge?

5. Jolene Bar

No cover fee here! This is a mix of a club and a bar and located in the meat packing district of Copenhagen. Jolene Bar has a very mixed crowd and all different types of music, from funky beats to tunes you sing to in the car. The only downside of Jolene Bar is that it tends to get packed as the night goes on.


6. Bakken

Named after the oldest amusement park in the world, which is also in Copenhagen, this bar/club is also in the meat packing district. One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in my life is in this bar; two toilets in one bathroom, next to each other, with no barrier. It’s as if they knew that girls always go to the bathroom in packs, and were trying to expedite the process.

This bar has groovy vibes and a great crowd, which fosters the perfect dance environment. And there’s no cover fee!

Iphone 054

7. IN

I didn’t make it to this club, but I wish I had. It’s three clubs in one. There’s a cover fee, but you can freely move between each club once you pay. There’s La Hacienda, The Dancefloor, and Jukeboks. What makes IN unique is that each club has different music, different vibes, and a different atmosphere. La Hacienda is more of a disco, while The Dancefloor has more trance and EDM music. In Jukebox, you pick a song to play.

The all time strangest club I went to was in Berlin, Germany. I’ll write a post on that soon, and luckily, I took a few videos to look back on the experience.

What’s the strangest/ coolest bar you’ve ever been to?

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