5 Things to Research Before Picking a Traveling Route

September 16, 2017

Traveling is a daunting prospect for some, especially when it comes to deciding where exactly you want to go. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be difficult – so long as you do your research beforehand. Here are five essential things to look into before deciding on the perfect traveling route.

Ensure it’s safe

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when picking your destinations is their safety. Some areas are much safer than others, but with political conflicts, natural disasters and threats of terrorism rife in certain countries, it’s important you consider the places you’ll need to avoid.

Government websites are often your best bet in seeing whether a potential destination is safe to visit or not. Southeast Asia, for example, although being a haven for travelers from across the world, has some off-limit countries. The Philippines is one such country that comes under threat of terrorism and violence quite frequently, so keep checking before you go. 

5 things to research before picking a travelling route

The potential costs of your destinations

Another thing to consider is just how much these places will cost, whether it’s the actual prices once you arrive or what you’ll have to pay to even get there. Many popular tourist destinations, including Southeast Asia and South America, aren’t bank-busting in terms of prices, but there’s still potential to be scammed.

One necessary way to cut on costs is haggling. Vendors will often hike up prices in order to get more out of unsuspecting tourists, so kindly try and negotiate and you could end up spending half of the original asking price. When it comes to flying, choose flights during the night – they’re much cheaper than at peak times.

How much time it might take 

You will need to plan carefully depending on how much time you’re allocating yourself to explore. If your schedule is flexible, it shouldn’t be too much of a concern – but if you’re under strict time constraints, be realistic with just how much you’re trying to fit in.

Combat any chance of missing out by creating an itinerary for yourself. Don’t make it too strict – you’ll likely change your plans as you go along, so allow yourself time to explore – but it will give you a rough outline of just how much you can see in a certain amount of time.

5 things to research before picking a travelling route

Ways to get from A to B

Are you flying? Driving? Perhaps even hiking? Whatever it is, consider your options carefully in terms of getting from one place to the next. As previously mentioned, there are ways to cut costs dramatically on flights, but sometimes there are even cheaper methods of travel.

One thing you should avoid, however, is taxis. In certain parts of the world drivers employ tricks to scam you out of what can be excessive amounts of money. If there’s no other choice, be on the lookout for things such as broken meters or unnecessarily long routes, both of which are commonly used to up the costs. It’s a sentiment echoed by the Secret Traveller – do your research before mindlessly hopping into the back of a cab. 

What to do on the way

Last but not least, make sure you plan your route accordingly so that your trip is full of things to do. Whether it’s simply a spot of sightseeing or something more adrenaline-filled – mountain climbing, for example – don’t let the fun run dry at any point.

There’s countless routes tried and tested by travelers around the world, and it all comes down to deciding which one is right for you.

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