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My First Couchsurfing Meet Up: NYC

“My name is Monica,” I said to the two boys from Germany as I pointed to my name tag. As I moved my hand, it brushed against something sticky tangled in my hair. When I realized that my name tag was balled up and crumbled in my hair like an unlucky bug in a spiderweb, […]

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Traveler Newbies Guide to Couchsurfing

Throwing your couch into the ocean, standing on it, and riding the waves until your couch sinks is one of the most thrilling activities ever!, while perhaps not quite as thrilling or edgy as couch-surfing, actually provides a great alternative to AirBnB and other more traditional forms of lodging.   Couchsurfing is free and […]

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My First Couchsurfing Experience

I stared at my computer screen for a few moments- my jaw dropped, becoming way too friendly with my neck, and my eyes started trying to escape their sockets. Couchsurfing? I thought. What? How is that safe? This was before I had my first Couchsurfing experience. Don’t judge a book by its cover, right? I first […]

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