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How to Spend a Day in Madrid, Spain

I stood on the center of Spain, smiling. I pictured myself on a map, at the zero kilometer mark, this is so cool. I was in Madrid, Spain, visiting for a few days in March. Street performers were everywhere, spray painted, dressed up in odd attire, showing off their skills in hopes for some profit. […]

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Captured Curiosity in Berlin

My first time traveling solo was in Berlin. Although it wasn’t for more than 15 hours (my friend had to take a later flight than me) it was still a very unique experience, and one that made me decide I want to travel solo again in the near future.  I wasn’t scared. I was excited. Apprehensive. I […]

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I’ve Got an Adventurous Plate on My Hands

It could have been bull testicle, warthog meat or some sort of weird fish, but I tried not to think about it before biting into it. The menu called it Pipis. It was actually delicious, and I later found out it was something like chicken liver. My friends and I were in Lisbon, Portugal, at an obscure restaurant […]

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Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away

Rain. That was what it did the whole time I was in Bergen, Norway, for two days. But it was beautiful rain. It chilled you to your bone, soaked your feet, and turned the town a shade of gray. I’m sure it would have been beautiful if it was sunny, but when the clouds obscured […]

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Hoping to Hop into a Hot Spring?

Visit the hot spring capital of the world, a small town in Iceland called Hveragerði. Never in my life had I thought I would be going to Iceland. Before I knew it, though, I found my 17 year old self on an airplane heading there with my parents after I graduated high school. In July 2011, we […]

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