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My Stay with 5footway.inn Project Boat Quay, Singapore

***If you book directly with 5footway.inn you receive a 10% discount when you book with my code GT10. Email the code to to receive the discount!*** From the nightly laser light shows, the urban retro design, and the spotless sidewalks, Singapore seems like a city from the future. I recently visited Singapore on my backpacking trip through Southeast Asia, and can say […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Ko Phangan, Thailand

The walls vibrated from the thundering bass as everyone in the crowded room bounced their collective heads to and fro in sync to the beat. Artwork on the walls of The Nomad House hostel undulated with the crowd as if dancing. The artwork’s intricate design added to the hostel’s unique character. One of the paintings […]

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10 Things You’ll Learn From Working at a Hostel

There’s a lot that I’ve learned after working at a hostel. The constant in-and-out flow of people coming from and going to foreign lands really taught me some valuable life lessons, many of which have to do with alcohol and the fact that I don’t have a New York accent. I’ve learned about other cultures, […]

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Couchsurfing in Bangkok

I pushed open the doors to the café, and was greeted with cool air that slapped me across the face as if it were punishing me for being out in the heat for so long. Sweat dripped down my back, my ears, and my face, leaving trails as it slid, slowly, down my body. I […]

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My First Couchsurfing Meet Up: NYC

“My name is Monica,” I said to the two boys from Germany as I pointed to my name tag. As I moved my hand, it brushed against something sticky tangled in my hair. When I realized that my name tag was balled up and crumbled in my hair like an unlucky bug in a spiderweb, […]

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Ten Ways to be an Awesome Hostel Dorm Mate

“That was SO funny, I can’t believe she said that, like, what was she thinking?!” I woke up in a startle in the middle of this drunken story telling between two of my hostel mates. “I know, I was so surprised!” Said the other one. I wanted to throw my shoe at them. I rolled over, my […]

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The 20 Types of People You’ll Meet at a Hostel

The soft chatter combines with the clinking of beer bottles, creating a soothing atmosphere. All of the different accents intertwine with one another, creating a melody unlike anything ever heard in your hometown. Everyone has a different story, comes from a different country, and has a unique reason why they’ve ended up in the same place […]

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Traveler Newbies Guide to Couchsurfing

Throwing your couch into the ocean, standing on it, and riding the waves until your couch sinks is one of the most thrilling activities ever!, while perhaps not quite as thrilling or edgy as couch-surfing, actually provides a great alternative to AirBnB and other more traditional forms of lodging.   Couchsurfing is free and […]

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My First Couchsurfing Experience

I stared at my computer screen for a few moments- my jaw dropped, becoming way too friendly with my neck, and my eyes started trying to escape their sockets. Couchsurfing? I thought. What? How is that safe? This was before I had my first Couchsurfing experience. Don’t judge a book by its cover, right? I first […]

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