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Finding Paradise in Otres Beach

I awake in the early morning hours, with the sing song of the roosters, the rhythmic, creaking melody of a swimming hammock, and the soothing effect of a hot cup of Vietnamese coffee. The wind plays with the hammock, causing it to swing unevenly in the breeze. The sun casts a yellowish hue on all […]

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Lost in Thailand: Why I Love Solo Travel

The giant pile of stacked bowls started to waver from side to side and threatened to topple over with each passing second. One of the girls grabbed the pile of bowls and moved it to an empty table next to me. She had to make more room for the continuous flow of 12 cent bowls […]

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Top 50 Chiang Mai Cafes

After living in Chiang Mai for a month and having previously visited it, I had plenty of time to visit dozens and dozens of coffee shops around the city, drink delicious coffee, and munch on sugary sweets. There are a ton of café’s in Chiang Mai suitable for cat lovers, book lovers, and quirky design […]

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25 Backpacker Habits You’ll Pick Up Traveling in Thailand

Thailand is captivating and fascinating. It’s arguably one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The north is expansive, with emerald green mountains, gold and white temples, and a simple, laid back lifestyle. Bubbling hot springs are tucked away in dense, thick jungles. Zig-zagging, crumbling roads through the mountains lead to small towns with […]

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The Survival Guide to the Full Moon Party

Thousands upon thousands of backpackers drag their feet home at 9 in the morning holding crushed beer cans with paint smeared all over it. Neon paint drips down their backs, their foreheads, and their arms. What once was a drunken, artistic painting full of swirls, dots, and colors, has now formed into a brownish, sweat infused, […]

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Globe Trottica’s Monthly Wrap Up: November 2015

I was a part of two families this past month: the Pai family and the Ko Phangan family. I visited hot springs, ate egg and avocado sandwiches daily, and relaxed like I never have before in Pai. I hit the other end of the spectrum when I visited Ko Phangan for a couple weeks. My […]

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Diving with The Dive Inn, Ko Phangan

The brown marbled grouper held his gaze. I couldn’t bear to lose the stare off, so I held mine right back, wondering what was going through his mind. He frowned at me, his lips curved downwards as he bobbed up and down with the current. He opened and closed his mouth rhythmically, as if he […]

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Globe Trottica’s Monthly Wrap Up: October 2015

I’m going to start doing monthly wrap ups throughout my trip. There’s so much going on, so at the end of each month, I’m going to summarize everything and put it all in one place to keep you all in the loop. I’m a slow traveler. I love taking my time in each country and […]

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The Hello’s and Goodbye’s of Travel

I came to Thailand by myself, with no expectations and not the slightest idea where I would end up. As a solo female traveler, this seemed a bit daunting, but I was excited for the challenge. I knew that I was throwing myself out of my comfort zone and into a world where I would […]

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