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Kruger National Park, South Africa

The low rumble from the lion’s mating call vibrated my seat. I couldn’t see him; I could only feel his grumble and it sent chills down my spine.  The guide who was driving us in the open vehicle pulled a sharp left, stopping only a few feet away from the male lion. He shone his […]

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Would You Eat a Worm?

I held the dried worm in between my fingers, turning it back and forth. “So we just eat this?” I said to one of my friends. “I guess so.” She said. It didn’t exactly look like a worm, but the sheer fact that it was a worm, and I was about to eat it, made […]

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The Rise of the Planet of the Monkeys

What the hell? I said out loud, or to the primates, or was it primeape? Who knew, but they were running around the cabin, throwing eggs, peeling bananas, and smashing pots and pans together like they were DJs at a rave (isn’t that what most people think “rave music” sounds like?). I was on my International Student […]

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