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How to Start a Travel Blog in 5 Easy Steps

I started Globe Trottica in November 2015. While running a travel blog is not easy and is never ending work, it has allowed me to work from anywhere in the world, network, share my stories, and establish connections. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever decided to do, and I’m going to show you […]

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How to Avoid the Top Scams in Cambodia

Welcome to backpacking in Southeast Asia! These are a few of the scams I’ve encountered or heard about while traveling and living in Cambodia for five months. They’re easily avoidable as long as you know what to look for and how to handle the situation. Don’t get ripped off or get yourself into trouble. This […]

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How NOT to Camp at a Camping Music Festival

I rolled over as my face smacked the side of the tent. The sunlight had warmed the nylon and the brightness stung my eyes as I slowly opened them. The heavy scent of old bananas suddenly wafted into the air. I pulled the hoodie of my Northface away from my eyes and looked at my […]

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How to Collect Cheap and Free Souvenirs

I’m only $10. I’m cheap compared to all the others. Look at them, sitting there up high on their shelf that rises above all the others, flaunting their expensive price tag, waiting to be displayed on someone else’s marble shelf.  Don’t worry, I’m not like them, I’m inexpensive and I’m better quality than all the […]

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How to Sleep in an Airport

The blaring lights burned my retinas, making me feel like I was at a hospital. I shivered, digging my hands into my armpits for warmth. My teeth chattered softly against one another as if in constant conversation. I brought my knees towards my chest, hoping that it would do something to make me warmer. The […]

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How to Make Your Travel Memories Last

Memories are fleeting. They come and go just as quickly as a car passes by on the street. Most of them we won’t remember; only the ones that leave a lasting impression stick like gum on the ever expanding sidewalk of your life. Some memories you think you’ll remember forever. How could I forget about […]

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