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What I Spent in One Week While Backpacking in Costa Rica

After spending a week in Costa Rica, I’ve learned that it’s extremely beautiful, with its wide range of Pacific Coast beaches, day long hikes, and hidden waterfalls. With that being said, I’ve also learned that it can be pretty cheap- and also very expensive (I felt like I was in NY with some of the […]

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Berlin on a College Student’s Budget

I visited Berlin on an extreme budget. There’s so much to see, so much I want to do and eat, I thought on the plane ride down to Berlin from Copenhagen. How can I pull this off? I managed to spend around $195 during the 60 hours that I was there. I spent the most […]

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Captured Curiosity in Berlin

My first time traveling solo was in Berlin. Although it wasn’t for more than 15 hours (my friend had to take a later flight than me) it was still a very unique experience, and one that made me decide I want to travel solo again in the near future.  I wasn’t scared. I was excited. Apprehensive. I […]

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Top Five Things to Do in Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique

On the coast of the country Mozambique is a beach town called Ponta do Ouro. A picturesque, quiet town that can only be reached by jeep or quad due to the surrounding sand dunes and lack of roads. Be prepared to take off your shoes for the entire length of your stay, as I did […]

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