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Top Five Things to Do in Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique

On the coast of the country Mozambique is a beach town called Ponta do Ouro. A picturesque, quiet town that can only be reached by jeep or quad due to the surrounding sand dunes and lack of roads. Be prepared to take off your shoes for the entire length of your stay, as I did […]

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The Abandoned Waterpark in Aruba

I could see the top of the rusted water slide above the trees. It was the color of cream with blackish-brown spots on it, aged from weather and abandonment. I had to explore. I was in Aruba. My family and I were about to hike Hooiberg, the second highest point in Aruba. Sitting next to the […]

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The Rise of the Planet of the Monkeys

What the hell? I said out loud, or to the primates, or was it primeape? Who knew, but they were running around the cabin, throwing eggs, peeling bananas, and smashing pots and pans together like they were DJs at a rave (isn’t that what most people think “rave music” sounds like?). I was on my International Student […]

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…and then, we flew

I’m flying, flying, flying through the air! Wait, crap, I can’t breathe. How do I breathe again? Deep breaths, did he say to breathe through my nose or my mouth? Why do the trees look like they’re staying the same size, aren’t they supposed to be getting bigger? Well I guess that’s a – OH MY […]

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I’ve Got an Adventurous Plate on My Hands

It could have been bull testicle, warthog meat or some sort of weird fish, but I tried not to think about it before biting into it. The menu called it Pipis. It was actually delicious, and I later found out it was something like chicken liver. My friends and I were in Lisbon, Portugal, at an obscure restaurant […]

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Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away

Rain. That was what it did the whole time I was in Bergen, Norway, for two days. But it was beautiful rain. It chilled you to your bone, soaked your feet, and turned the town a shade of gray. I’m sure it would have been beautiful if it was sunny, but when the clouds obscured […]

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The Song of Swaziland

I handed the woman 50 African Rands (about 5 dollars) as the man next to her placed five large cabbages into a cloth bag; probably the biggest cabbages I had ever seen. “Thank you,” I said, and the woman nodded. My friend Mary also bought five cabbages, and was waddling behind me as we struggled […]

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Hoping to Hop into a Hot Spring?

Visit the hot spring capital of the world, a small town in Iceland called Hveragerði. Never in my life had I thought I would be going to Iceland. Before I knew it, though, I found my 17 year old self on an airplane heading there with my parents after I graduated high school. In July 2011, we […]

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When you look at the stars, you are looking into the past

As this is my first blog post, I figured I would start with one of the first moments of my travels that has stuck with me for years. I was 17 the first time I ever traveled solo- as in, a non family vacation and without my parents. I applied to and was accepted into […]

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