My Portfolio

Top Travel Blogs: Nomad Revelations (June 2015)

Publications & Features: (December 2017)

Kampot, Cambodia: Live, Eat and Play on the Cheap: Go Nomad (February 2017)

Why Traveling Alone as a Female Empowered me to be Independent: Go Overseas (December 2016)

High School Service Learning Abroad: Go Overseas (October 2015)

A Guide to Copenhagen, Denmark: Go Nomad (March 2015)

Finding a Piece of Home in Portugal: Go World Travel (June 2014)

Binghamton University Pipe Dream (2011-2012)

Guest Posts:

Bocas del Toro Nightlife: Visit50 (May 2015)

That One Time in Swaziland: Where in the World (April 2015)

Travel Moments: Monica of Globe Trottica: Little Things Travel (December 2014)

The ‘Gorges’ View, New York: Dave’s Travel Corner (December 2014)

Collaborative Posts:

Throwback 2015: 25 Girl Travel Bloggers and Their Favorite Destinations: Ana’s World (December 2015)

Kick Up Your Bucket List!: Revel & Inspire (March 2015)

22 Unique Love Messages from Around the World: Curious Cat Expat (February 2015)

“What’s your craziest story abroad?”: The Hungry Partier (February 2015)

The Best Cities for Street Art: My Wanderlust (December 2014)


The Nomad Files: Mons Klint, Denmark: Anti Travel Guides (April 2015)

Expat Diaries with Monica of Globe Trottica: An American Abroad (April 2015)

Bloggers to Shine Series Monica Gray: Two Monkeys Travel (February 2015)

Two Monkeys Travel Writer: 

My Portfolio (August-September 2016)

Top Tips for Female Hygiene While Traveling (April 2015)

A Simple Guide to Meeting & Rejecting Men on the Road (March 2015)

Top 10 Destinations for Solo Female Travelers (February 2015)

Seven Signs You’re Destined to Travel the World (February 2015) 

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