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Discoveries During Diving

I got to the bottom of the ocean and looked around. Everything was still except for the small white particles that flowed back and forth with the ocean’s current. My Dive Master signaled to swim forward, and we followed. Our first dive was to Blue Reef, 70 feet down. There was a lot of strange […]

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The Rusty Diver

Coming back to the “arctic tundra” of New York was quite difficult, especially after spending a few days in the sun, getting my month’s worth of Vitamin D. I had the chance to go scuba diving while I was in Aruba with Red Sail Sports, for about $84. I haven’t been diving since my certification […]

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The Abandoned Waterpark in Aruba

I could see the top of the rusted water slide above the trees. It was the color of cream with blackish-brown spots on it, aged from weather and abandonment. I had to explore. I was in Aruba. My family and I were about to hike Hooiberg, the second highest point in Aruba. Sitting next to the […]

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