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The Cheap-o Bike Stealer

Finally done with classes for the week, it’s time to explore Copenhagen, I thought to myself as I walked outside. My hands immediately froze from the cold. I quickly took my glove off and dug my hand inside of my jacket, looking for my bike key. Rust was working its magic on the lock, making […]

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When Statues Come to Life

The snow fell softly, as if it were too afraid of breaking the fallen snow beneath it. I sat in this winter wonderland, with no one in sight. I was in the Botanical Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark, admiring the beauty of the Copenhagen winter (while trying not to freeze). The greenhouse in the garden dates […]

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The Cafe Among Books: Copenhagen, Denmark

Step inside of this cafe in the center of Copenhagen’s bustling city, and you’ll immediately feel as though you’ve stepped into a library. Paludan Book and Cafe has a very intimate atmosphere, yet is still hip and trendy. Tables are situated in between shelves of books. This cafe offers a wide variety of seating, from […]

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