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Would You Eat a Worm?

I held the dried worm in between my fingers, turning it back and forth. “So we just eat this?” I said to one of my friends. “I guess so.” She said. It didn’t exactly look like a worm, but the sheer fact that it was a worm, and I was about to eat it, made […]

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A Guide to Tamarindo, Costa Rica

I stepped off of the bus that I had been on for the past 2 hours and looked around. I felt like I had walked onto the board game Candyland. It was 8 at night, but everything was so colorful. Lights flashed from every shop on the street that wasn’t more than a floor high. […]

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Berlin on a College Student’s Budget

I visited Berlin on an extreme budget. There’s so much to see, so much I want to do and eat, I thought on the plane ride down to Berlin from Copenhagen. How can I pull this off? I managed to spend around $195 during the 60 hours that I was there. I spent the most […]

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What and Where to Eat in Amsterdam

I didn’t have a list of food in mind to try when I went to Amsterdam (except the stroopwafel, of course). All the food I had was delicious. I’ve compiled a list of what I did eat, and highly recommend anyone going to Amsterdam to try these.  1. Stroopwafel Two thin, doughy (flour, eggs, milk, etc) wafers, […]

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The Cafe Among Books: Copenhagen, Denmark

Step inside of this cafe in the center of Copenhagen’s bustling city, and you’ll immediately feel as though you’ve stepped into a library. Paludan Book and Cafe has a very intimate atmosphere, yet is still hip and trendy. Tables are situated in between shelves of books. This cafe offers a wide variety of seating, from […]

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How to Spend a Day in Lund, Sweden

I spent approximately 5 hours in Lund, Sweden, and it was the perfect amount of time (of course I could have stayed longer, but we were just stopping by). I took the train from Copenhagen, and in less than an hour, we had arrived in Lund. It is one of the oldest cities in Sweden, […]

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How to Spend a Day in Madrid, Spain

I stood on the center of Spain, smiling. I pictured myself on a map, at the zero kilometer mark, this is so cool. I was in Madrid, Spain, visiting for a few days in March. Street performers were everywhere, spray painted, dressed up in odd attire, showing off their skills in hopes for some profit. […]

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I’ve Got an Adventurous Plate on My Hands

It could have been bull testicle, warthog meat or some sort of weird fish, but I tried not to think about it before biting into it. The menu called it Pipis. It was actually delicious, and I later found out it was something like chicken liver. My friends and I were in Lisbon, Portugal, at an obscure restaurant […]

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