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On the Way to the Wall

Bergstraβe? How do you even pronounce that? All of the street names looked the same; the convoluted layout made it even harder to navigate with a map. I was lost. I had decided to try and navigate Berlin with a map to inevitably end up at the Berlin Wall Memorial near Bernauer Str. Obviously I […]

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Berlin on a College Student’s Budget

I visited Berlin on an extreme budget. There’s so much to see, so much I want to do and eat, I thought on the plane ride down to Berlin from Copenhagen. How can I pull this off? I managed to spend around $195 during the 60 hours that I was there. I spent the most […]

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The Berlin Wall in Pictures

The East Side Gallery in Berlin, Germany, is an incredibly moving memorial. It is a section left from the Berlin Wall, a little under a mile long. There are beautiful art depictions on the east side of the wall from over 100 artists. My friend Leslie and I walked the length of the wall in […]

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Captured Curiosity in Berlin

My first time traveling solo was in Berlin. Although it wasn’t for more than 15 hours (my friend had to take a later flight than me) it was still a very unique experience, and one that made me decide I want to travel solo again in the near future.  I wasn’t scared. I was excited. Apprehensive. I […]

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