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The Ultimate Guide to Trekking the Annapurna Circuit

The Annapurna Circuit is considered to be an entry level trek in Nepal, and is the perfect option for those of you looking for an easier, shorter, and more straightforward trek compared to the other ones offered in Nepal (such as EBC and Three Passes). Here is the ultimate guide to trekking the Annapurna Circuit. […]

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The Hardest & Most Rewarding Thing I’ve Ever Done: Trekking to Everest Base Camp & Three Passes in Nepal

The ground spun under my feet the same way it seems to turn after stepping off of a tire swing. My vision blurred as if I were looking through a dirty windshield, and I squinted my eyes and stared at the ground to regain my balance. The dizziness came out of no where like a […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Trekking to Mount Everest Base Camp & The Three Passes

The silence of the Himalayas Rings in my ears, As I stand on the edge of the world, And am reminded of how small I really am. The snow capped peaks Tower over emerald green lakes That shimmer in the sunlight With waves dancing in the breeze. I watch the sun Still drunk with sleep […]

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