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The Ultimate Guide to Backpacking in Sri Lanka

The aroma of samosas and roti wafts towards you as you listen to the repetitive banging of knives from locals chopping up kottu, the national Singhalese dish. Colorful, vibrant tuk-tuks with floral decorations zoom past you on the street, as locals pile onto large blue buses that drive at racing speeds. Welcome to Sri Lanka, […]

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Traveling by Train in Sri Lanka

The boy with tiny crescent shaped dimples and round eyes glanced up at me. His smile was the shape of an orange peel, and he radiated with happiness and intense interest . “Hello!” I said, smiling back. He shyly looked at his mom and turned back to me, his grin bigger than before. “Selfie!” He […]

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Surf & Yoga in Mirissa: a Backpacker’s Getaway

Sand between my toes, The ocean’s salt in my hair. Deep breaths, namaste, Stretch and focus, become aware. Sri Lanka misses the backpacker’s radar. There’s no standard route here, which makes traveling from city to city a bit more difficult than it would be in Vietnam or Thailand. This is one of the reasons travelers tend to […]

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