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Study Abroad: How to Balance Classes, Traveling, Budget and Social Life

“Come on, That psychology paper and creative writing assignment can be done on Sunday night! Paris is calling our name; the crepes and the wine are going to be half gone when we get there,” said the Devil. “Don’t listen to him,” said the Angel. “School is more important, Paris isn’t going anywhere. Succeed on […]

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How to Prepare for Studying Abroad

My entire room was a colorful combination of every single one of my clothing items. How am I going to possibly pack all of this? I was leaving for four months tomorrow, and I hadn’t packed anything. I grabbed a few shirts and stuffed them into an already stuffed suitcase. When am I ever going […]

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Why You Should Study Abroad

I said one last goodbye to my family before getting on line at security. “See you in…May,” I said. The words sounded harsh coming out of my mouth. May? I thought. Four months? The longest and farthest I had ever been away from home was when I went to South Africa, and that was only […]

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