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10 Things You’ll Learn From Working at a Hostel

There’s a lot that I’ve learned after working at a hostel. The constant in-and-out flow of people coming from and going to foreign lands really taught me some valuable life lessons, many of which have to do with alcohol and the fact that I don’t have a New York accent. I’ve learned about other cultures, […]

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How to Collect Cheap and Free Souvenirs

I’m only $10. I’m cheap compared to all the others. Look at them, sitting there up high on their shelf that rises above all the others, flaunting their expensive price tag, waiting to be displayed on someone else’s marble shelf.  Don’t worry, I’m not like them, I’m inexpensive and I’m better quality than all the […]

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Kruger National Park, South Africa

The low rumble from the lion’s mating call vibrated my seat. I couldn’t see him; I could only feel his grumble and it sent chills down my spine.  The guide who was driving us in the open vehicle pulled a sharp left, stopping only a few feet away from the male lion. He shone his […]

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Ten Ways to be an Awesome Hostel Dorm Mate

“That was SO funny, I can’t believe she said that, like, what was she thinking?!” I woke up in a startle in the middle of this drunken story telling between two of my hostel mates. “I know, I was so surprised!” Said the other one. I wanted to throw my shoe at them. I rolled over, my […]

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How to Sleep in an Airport

The blaring lights burned my retinas, making me feel like I was at a hospital. I shivered, digging my hands into my armpits for warmth. My teeth chattered softly against one another as if in constant conversation. I brought my knees towards my chest, hoping that it would do something to make me warmer. The […]

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Panama: Budget, Costs, and Expenses

“I can totally budget myself in Panama on $35 a day,” said naive Monica. “I can probably keep it at around $40 a day,” said more experienced Monica. “Well, $55 a day isn’t too bad… I did want to see the country…” said Monica on the plane ride home. I knew Central America had a […]

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50 Creative Ways to Save and Make Money (for travel!)

“You’re so cheap!” I looked down at my $5 soup and salad, shrugging. My friend had ordered a $30 steak, fries, a drink, and an appetizer. I stared at him for a moment, and then laughed. “I like saving money,” I said. We all have different priorities. Mine happens to be traveling, and so I […]

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Traveler Newbies Guide to Couchsurfing

Throwing your couch into the ocean, standing on it, and riding the waves until your couch sinks is one of the most thrilling activities ever!, while perhaps not quite as thrilling or edgy as couch-surfing, actually provides a great alternative to AirBnB and other more traditional forms of lodging.   Couchsurfing is free and […]

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Budget Travel: How to See the World on the Cheap

“For my next vacation, I’m staying in a pristine palace that I booked through my travel agent. I’m going to be dining on caviar in between massages on the Caribbean coast. A private tour guide will be chauffeuring me through the entire island so I can become more cultured.” If this is what you think you need to sound like […]

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