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How I Spent Less Than $450 My First Month in Thailand

I spent a total of $442.17 my first month traveling in Thailand. I spent the first two weeks in Bangkok, a week in Chiang Mai, and one week in Pai (and counting). I’m going to show you exactly how I did this, and ways that you can, too. Drinking a ton of Chang beers and gin […]

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11 Fun Ways to Get a Workout in While Traveling

Does the thought of getting out of bed, running five miles, and getting a gym membership make you quiver? Do you want to burn those calories, but have no desire to shake that booty unless it’s 3 am at a dance club? Although dancing seems like it will negate all of those beers, sadly, this […]

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50 Creative Ways to Save and Make Money (for travel!)

“You’re so cheap!” I looked down at my $5 soup and salad, shrugging. My friend had ordered a $30 steak, fries, a drink, and an appetizer. I stared at him for a moment, and then laughed. “I like saving money,” I said. We all have different priorities. Mine happens to be traveling, and so I […]

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Study Abroad: How to Balance Classes, Traveling, Budget and Social Life

“Come on, That psychology paper and creative writing assignment can be done on Sunday night! Paris is calling our name; the crepes and the wine are going to be half gone when we get there,” said the Devil. “Don’t listen to him,” said the Angel. “School is more important, Paris isn’t going anywhere. Succeed on […]

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